Songs Without Music–Poetry: Buddy

You left an entire decade ago

A whole tenth of a century has passed

It seems like an entire lifetime ago

But it seems too that I’ve grown way too fast

I’m twenty now

Did you know?

Do you know the time in Heaven?

It probably feels like you’ve only just left

That I’m just a year shy of eleven

But I’m ten years older now, Buddy

An adult

Too big now to sit on your knee

I’ve earned a high school diploma

Work a full-time job

And even have a college degree

I’ve had a lot of experiences

And learned many things

Such as happiness always has a price

But pain is tossed out to you free

But that’s just one of many

I wish you could see

What I’ve done

What I look like

And of what I dream

I wish that I could hear you

Because I’ve forgotten how you sound

I just hope that wherever you are

You can see me and are proud.