Songs without Music (Poetry): Heavy Stars

Forgive me the fall

of the then rising sun

as the blood in my soul

runs cold

looking inside myself

seeing dreams

fall like stars

as they had once

called me eyes to gaze upon them

the light fading

while they once bathed me

in bright light

and in passion

and hope

only now has their

illumination transformed

into burden and weight

dread upon my shoulders

and heart

pulling me down

with the gravity of my fears.

(written 2005)

Songs Without Music–Poetry: Your Place

Wanna go to someplace crazy?
Like a dream that’s warm and lazy?
Well no need for you to travel far.
You need no plane or train or car.
Just close your eyes and make believe.
And from the normal you will leave.
Into a land that’s all your own.
Where nonsense is and logic’s blown.
Create a world for only you.
Where you can do what you wish to.
Where no one can bug you or make you upset.
And the more you imagine the better it gets.
When the everyday world gets too out of hand.
You can escape from it all to your own special land.
Swing from a moonbeam.
Dive from a star.
Into infinity.
Contained in a jar.
Make up all the rules.
And then break them at will.
Do what you wish if it gives you a thrill.
And when you’re thought to be strange,
As you look off into space.
They’re the ones missing out on your wonderful place.


(image used is my original artwork)