Songs Without Music–Poetry: Your Place

Wanna go to someplace crazy?
Like a dream that’s warm and lazy?
Well no need for you to travel far.
You need no plane or train or car.
Just close your eyes and make believe.
And from the normal you will leave.
Into a land that’s all your own.
Where nonsense is and logic’s blown.
Create a world for only you.
Where you can do what you wish to.
Where no one can bug you or make you upset.
And the more you imagine the better it gets.
When the everyday world gets too out of hand.
You can escape from it all to your own special land.
Swing from a moonbeam.
Dive from a star.
Into infinity.
Contained in a jar.
Make up all the rules.
And then break them at will.
Do what you wish if it gives you a thrill.
And when you’re thought to be strange,
As you look off into space.
They’re the ones missing out on your wonderful place.


(image used is my original artwork)

Songs Without Music–Poetry: Welcome

dizzy patterns on the wall
forms a tunnel down the hall
tipsy topsy and a turn
makes my stomach bounce and burn
plastic rainbow colored grass
on the floor thats made of glass
mushrooms sprouting here and there
tye-dyed frogs all leap in pairs
reaching up are cosmic vines
dancing, twisting, intertwines
a rainbow released from the tip
roots beneath that make me trip
pastel and flourescent waters
waves up and down like teeter-totters
transluscent ships composed of pearls
gliding over dips and whirls
being chased is not much fun
get up on my feet and run
running, running through this nation
welcome…to my imagination


(image used is my original artwork)

Songs Without Music–Poetry: To a Land Unknown

Beneath the world I do dwell

And of this place I try to tell

So open up your seeking mind

And listen as my tale unwinds


Once on the surface I did live

A place where no one could forgive

Each person violent

Cruel and rude

The way of life was foul and crude

Dark and dank the brown grass died

To resurrect it no one tried

Ignoring all the ailing beings

Blind to all that they were seeing

No longer could I live in pain

Of knowing hatred and disdain

So leaving at a brightening dawn

I left all behind and then moved on

To find a life of colors bright

To live long and happy in the light

Walking down a sheltered cave

Peaceful, quiet, like a grave

I traveled on by curious thought

To the place where I’ve been brought

Opening up to a land unknown

Where tall and green the grass is grown

Flowers bright and colors galore

Shades I had never seen before

Cerulean skies cradling clouds

And from the sun warm rays shroud

All the brilliance in this land

Warming every grain of sand

Along the shores of sparkling lakes

All the beauty my eyes intake

My soul engulfs the peaceful air

I run free without a care

As in this place I’ve closed the gate

To that world above in a melancholy state.



Image used is my original artwork.